Revolving Bamboo Stair


Bamboo Stair treads

Horizontal Natural Mat finished
a. Size: 1060mmx120/460mmx30mmthickness  

b. Size: 1100mmx 60/600mmx30mmthickness  

c. Size: 1080mmx 40/530mmx30mmthickness
d. Size: 1130mmx 330mm x  30mmthickness    
e. Size: 1060mmx 300mm x  30mmthickness   
f. Size:  910mmx  490mm x  30mmthickness    

Bamboo treads of Carbonized Mat  finished 

Size of 1200 mm*600 mm*30mm 

1500*600 mm*30mm


Bamboo Stair treads

Horizontal Carbonized Mat finished

a. Size: 900mmx150/400mmx30mmthickness  

b. Size: 850mmx 180/400mmx30mmthickness  

c. Size: 900mmx 160/400mmx30mmthickness
d. Size: 850mmx 300mm x 30mm thickness    
e. Size: 900mmx 300mm x  30mmthicknes

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