Bamboo Split fence
Bamboo Fence II

Bamboo split fence with external plastic coated brown colour wire

Material: 50-60mm bamboo pole and split into quarter.

The split width is 2cm or 3cm.

Size: 150x200cm,150 x 300cm and 200 x 300cm

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Bamboo Split Fencing with lacquer

Bamboo Split Fencing without lacquer

Bamboo Folding Fence with lacquer

Material: white bamboo poles fences in18-22 diameter with stainless steel clip bolt
Construction: and the tops of the poles are all finishing off with an internode very close to the top as a natural beautiful cap along the top
size -
60cmx180cm 60cmx240cm
90cmx180cm 90cmx240cm
150cmx180cm 200cmx200cm
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