Bamboo Wallpaper
Bamboo Strips Wallpaper Decoration

Bamboo wallpaper
Bamboo strips with 4mm/5mm/7mm/12mm/17mm width(horizontal lamination) fixed on fabric in order to use as wallpaper Decoration
Roll Width:5m,10m, 15m
Height:0.9m,1m,1.5m,2m and 2.5m
Natural or carbonized color or green design
Pre-finish or unfinished
PP bag inner packing Knitting outer packing


WPB7/2/1/2 Carbonized finished

WPB7/1/1/1 Natural unfinished

WPB17/2/1/1 Carbonized in 17mm

WPB17/1/1/1  Natural in 17mm

WPB4.8/3/1/2 with 4.8mm green I

WPB4.8/3/2/2 with 4.8mm green II

WPB4.8/2/2/2 with 4.8mm carbon strips 

WPB4.8/1/2/2 with 4.8mm natural strips



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