Do the bamboo products turn brown when they get old?

Yes, the bamboo products will turn brown when they are made without taking sugar out, or they are made of moldy bamboo.
But, all our products were made of natural materials rigidly selected and processed to keep off insects and mold.
All our products will never change their color when they get old.

The bamboo products are inclined to split.

Do they have any danger to get hurt with the splinter?
As a quality of bamboo, the bamboo has an equal fiber towards a stem and unites the fiber and fruits (flesh) into one. This quality of strong elasticity may be a cause of your question.
Please remember the scales made of bamboo. It is rare for the bamboo scales to split and to be splinter.
We developed the safe and durable products not to split and not to be splinter upon the long investigation and efforts, thinking of the defects that bamboo have.
Why was "BAMBOO FLOOR" coated with "UV COATING SYSTEM"
1. To produce wonderful atmosphere of Chinese and oriental style, nature and refined familiarity through the quality of bamboo.
2. To make cleaning rooms easier and sanitary.
3. Not to be influenced with changeable climate.
4. To avoid consumption and slipping down.
For the reasons given above, UV COATING SYSTEM was developed specially for "BAMBOO FLOOR" with cooperation of the Coating Company.
We can receive your color order as follows: 'clear' or 'brown'
Bayern Company in German developed UV Coating System.
UV means Ultra Violet.
You will be able to know this system through the lens of glasses. (Plastic)
Is bamboo threatened by forestry just as hardwood trees are?
No. Cutting bamboo stalks will actually promote faster growth of the stumps that are left behind. Bamboo becomes mature after 4-6 years, unlike hardwoods that may take decades.
Will bamboo harvesting affect the environment of pandas?
No. Mao Bamboo is not pandas' food. This species grows in environments that pandas do not live in. Nor do pandas eat this particular species.
Is bamboo flooring installation similar to hardwood flooring installation?
Yes. Installation is the same. See our installation page for more details.
If the surface of bamboo flooring is scratched, is it repairable?

Yes. If it is a light scratch, use the fine-grade sandpaper. If the damage is more severe, use an electric sanding tool and then refinish.

Let's live in natural circumstances with bamboo
Bamboo floor is newly developed as the best quality material of ideal flooring.
Bamboo floor is made good use of the property of bamboo and is coated with "UV COATING SYSTEM" which is also newly devised.
Bamboo floor will make your living space and public space much more beautiful, elegant and comfortable.



Bamboo has beauty as its prosperity and is good for the interior parts of building.
All the products are made of a moso bamboo rigidly selected and have beautiful brilliance , elegant color and strength not to get scar.

Bamboo has tenderness to human being and environment.
We are faced with the difficult problems of destructive circumstances.
Bamboo will replace wood as a useful material in future, because it has possibility to be supplied every four years.
Bamboo doesn't need any maintenance such as waxing and wiping and is safe for children and old persons without slippery.
To build the steady housed for the next generation.
Bamboo is superior in elasticity but it doesn't expand and contract.
Bamboo doesn't bend, tear and warp in comparison with wood.
Bamboo excels in waterproof and durability, therefore it is especially effective in the area of high temperature and high humidity like Japan.

To feel cleanliness in the room all the time.
Bamboo has a characteristic of keeping off insects and mold, so it isn't necessary to worry about ticks.
Bamboo has a high characteristic of deodorization and sterilization, so it is sanitary for babies and effective to take away the nasty smell from pets.

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